Death of innocence

You told me you loved me

you told me you cared 

I told you I'm broken

you said you'd be there

you took all my passion my heart and my soul

its funny I thought all I had left was a hole

i thought he'd taken everything that first time

but you proved me wrong by committing the same crime

i cried for eternity, not hours or days

i tried to heal myself in so many ways

the first few times it didn't sink in

I gave you my all, that unforgivable sin 

sadness now crawls in bed with me each night 

eats me up til there's nothing inside

its been a while since I put up a fight

why even try when I have long since died

i can still feel him with me everywhere I go

i can feel his hands on my skin and his laugh ringing in my ears

he once was the center of my world and I'm embarrassed to say no matter how hard I try he still is

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