Creation & Imagination (The Story of Arthur Farthur)

Daddy's good with numbers;

he's an engineer.

  I'm good with numbers too;

 could've been an engineer.


Mama's good with caring;

she's a nurse.

 I'm good with caring too;

 could've been a nurse,

     probably a doctor....Hmmmm.


Brother's good with games;

he's a techie, 

  a programmer in the making.

   I had all those games too;

  could've done video game design,

   instead of becoming a modern day luddite seven years left behind.


Sister's good with her body;

a boxing joey with gazelle feet,

 future world class athlete.

  I mean I got a mean one-two too;

  could've been a kickboxer,

   a real live roundhouse kicking, MMA arm bar brawler.


But instead, I chose my own.


I am good with Art


Streaming flows upload in membranes unknown,

  inducing aesthetics of enlightenment

Indulge in me.

Purge on my pictoral.

  Imagine for the life of me;

   understand I may not always be understood in the light imagined,

    but I exist for the life of me.

Never deny existence.

   For flames that are stifled can never provide warmth.


Please do not take my function away.


This path set at my feet was already chosen for me,

  I'm just now choosing to accept the challenge of endurance:

To not only see by faith,

  but to provide sight to those with sunken eyes.


For I am Art

I am good with creating.

I am a creator

Imagine what I have to say.

This poem is about: 
My family


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