WAN.DER.LUST (n). : a very strong or irresistible desire to travel.


My mind wandered

Into an iridescence of enthralling dreams

Incessantly, I waited.



Elation, Leisure, Change.

A bird with Wings

Independence overcame Trepidation

Trepidation became

Hunger for adventure

To embark on a solo expedition

To absorb alternative mindsets

To gather anything divergent.

My parting was painless

My eyes gasping for fresh views

A conservatory of

Butterflies tickled my stomach

Lifting off the surface

Leaving my world behind.

What a marvel it was

To touch the land of an

Alternate Universe

A gust of Brisk air pinched my cheeks

My heart pounded for


A reawakening.

The Parisian Sky

Was exceptionally lit

Scintillating lights of

The Eiffel Tower glistening in the distance.

The German Populace

Foreign visages every blink

The assiduity astounded me.

The Spanish Ground

Colors of every spectrum

Hues to every extent

Deep, Vibrant, Delicate.

The sentiment came quite quickly

A sentiment of fulfillment

My mind had wandered

Into an iridescence of enthralling dreams

My dreams had become

More dreams

Dreams of the future.

I craved more.


It is where my soul began

And it is where my soul will end

I want to breathe in every city

Of the world

I want to discover the


I want to be

A new Me.

Follow the Adventure.

Follow the dream.

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