Who am I?

 I am a small town girl

a leader when i have to be, but i prefer to follow

 I am the book nerd, but i like the outside world better

Who am I?

 I am a simple teenage girl, in a not so simple world.

i like the horse riding, and the mud bogging

 I am a student, and a teacher

Who am I?

 I am wierd, and silent

until you get to know me

 I am unique, and I dont let others define me

 Who am I?

 I am learning who I want to become

and who i am already

 I am who i make my self to be

Who am I?

 I am influenced

but in the end, isn't up to me

 I am turning into who I want to be

Who am I?

 I am like a book, my story is always changeing

a friend, an enemy

 I am not perfect, yet I am me

Who am I?

 In the end it will be interesting to see

the twist and turns,

 The ones who made me

Who am you?

 Are you who you want to be

Whats your story?

 Your story is unfolding, are you excited to see?

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Loved it!!!!

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