I Am Me

I am a warrior.

I am not a mental illness.


The labels that I check

on documents

do not define me.


I am capable.

I am not handicapped.


Do not discredit me

because I don’t function

the same.


I am alive.

I am not deadened

by my past.


My personal wars

give me strength

and made me strive to be

who I am today.


I do take medicine.

I can live without it,

but I need it to be

the best me

I can be.


I am a human.

I am not a monster.


Words hurt,

and I’m a counter.


Think before you speak,

or maybe don’t.


what you say,

I won’t.


Your words made me brave.

I’m not going to cave.


I am me,

not some twisted fantasy.

I am me,

not a statistic

in a magazine.

I am perfectly



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