How I wish I could respond when an interviewer, casting director, or person in general asks if I could express alittle bit about myself. Consider this a proper introduction to who I am, to the best of my ability.
And in case you're wondering, yes - I do very much applaud and approve the notion of unapologetically, bravely, strongly, endlessly - loving yourself as you are. I hope the message sinks into that beautiful mind of yours. Thank you for watching, thank you for listening.
Lyrics/Words :
How much time do you – have?
I can tell you that I am –
beauty, passion, ambition, and class.
Surpassing the definition of
comprehensive and vast.
As I’m conscious of my own
curvaceous mind.
The stars marvelously align,
when my own fingers intertwine.
Allow me to further clarify –
I never need anyone cause I am,
and always will be – mine.
Every crevasse, every curve
exists in a temple
oh so – divine.
I think therefore I am.
I prevail therefore I can.
I speak therefore I stand.
Beneath my fibers of my olive skin,
lies universes embedded within.
Fully equipped with an
abnormally substantial brain.
I put together my own
previous shattered remains.
So, now soley golden blood flows
along the course of my veins.
And if you must label me,
let it me known –
that I’m tragically,
wonderfully, astoundingly insane.
I genuinely believe,
no – I’m aware, I know
that not a single soul
roaming the earth
owns what I possess.
Never settling for less,
always striving, aspiring, desiring
for more.
My sole aspiration
is to firmly grasp success –
All I ever seek is growth and happiness,
I neglect everything and everyone
that doesn’t
enable me to further progress.
I’m capable of conquering
the world with the slightest
art extension –
Need I mention,
the negativity fuels me into a
being so reckless,
I overflow with vengeance.
You’re probably come to the
conclusion – that
I’m nothing but pretentious.
But I’m not egoistical –
I just recently became aware of the
fact that I’m multi-dimensional.
Basking in the beauty of my own glory
will never make me delusional –
and I refuse to ever apologize
for acknowledging my existence
as breathtakingly beautiful.
Thick thighs, brown eyes.
With rosy cheeks and lengthy eyelashes
that’ll hypnotize.
I pour my lungs, ribs, and soul into
my art.
Where do you expect me to start?
I’m a walking, talking, breathing
thriving – heart on a sleeve.
It’s how I breathe,
how I wake up,
how I sleep –
it enables me to
re-define how I’m initially perceived.
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