Big Dreams, Hard World

I am...

The voice that speaks for those who can't,

because someone sentenced them silence.

The eyes that see what is wrong,

because no one wanted to notice.

The ears that hear the hateful words,

because someone uttered nonsence.

The hands that cradle the ones so precious,

because someone elses weren't so self-possessed.


I am..

The heart that gives but won't accept,

because someone needs love more.

The mind that decides to help the others,

because their own is stuck behind closed doors.

The air that is left to breathe,

because their's was being taken.

The stability to rest their feet on,

because their ground was so broken.


I am..

The girl who suffered many defeats,

but refuses to let others fail.

The one who continues to help the world,

with nothing asked in return.

The person who plans to destroy the harm made by others,

to those who can't defend themselves.

The woman who will change the world,

if only one step at a time.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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