I Am

I was born.

I was happy.

I was waking up in the sweet, noisy woods.

I was smiling on a cold winter morning, too warm in bed to move.

I was curious, I swam in rivers and lakes, and came home every night late.

I was excited! Every day was new.

I was five. 

I was ten.

I was outgoing.

I was demanding in class, challenging my teachers for knowledge.

I was thirteen. 

I was moving. 

I was moving away from everything I knew.

I was scared.

I was unsure of myself, I didn't know.

I was shy. I didn't talk.

I was sixteen. 

I was homeless.

I was angry.

I was confused. This wasn't me. I wasn't a teenage failure. 

I was just... not who I am.

I am strong.

I am confident.

I am sure. 

I am okay.

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