The insecure guard

Here i sit, in my chair

dull gray uniform, long curly hair

worried bout money, thought i'd share

tried to ask my boss, as if he would care


my job doesnt pay, not many do

the work is easy, this is true

but im running out of options, im turning blue

someone please hit me with your car, i need to sue


used to be an artist, now im not

i like the weather cold, but now its hot

going to school for buisness, ill give it a shot

as long as i dont end up under a bride, with but a cot


books are expensive, so is gas

my headaches kill me, i hope i pass

i do not say a word, hide behind a mask

i do each problem, complete each task


but now they tell me, i dont have enough

as if this school wasnt already tough

im not good at math, no where near buff

so i pad my papers, adding extra fluff


so now i ask, if you please

send some help, dont you tease

with a few extra dollars, ill make it with ease

all i need is that, and someone who believes


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