A distinctive perception

Thu, 11/05/2015 - 21:24 -- Jesik07



I am a student. So I’m supposed to get good grades.

But because I’m an African American, I’m automatically set to a lower standard.

Yet, I work harder than more than half of my class

So tell me, what’s up with that?


I have a job and get paid minimum wage

But because I’m a teen, I’m supposed to spend my money on just about anything

Yet, I save all my money

Isn’t that funny?


See, I deprive from those things

Girly-girl, but you can find me in a boxing ring

Smart and educated, and strive from above

How many people like me can you think of?


Funny, kind, and sweet at heart

Can’t out do me, even with a head start

Different from the rest, but it’s a good thing, I confess

Cause while everyone stays put, I continue to progress


Have you guessed my word? I’ll give you a hint

Its comes in between except and exceptional in dictionary print

Exception is I.

I am the exception.

I am someone unique

A distinctive perception

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