I Am...A Laundry List

Fri, 09/25/2015 - 00:38 -- sarabi7

I am...heartache with pursed lips in the shape of a smile...

I am... illusionist, willing to show nothing but joy...

I am...motivated to prove naysayers wrong with my sound

     Mouth an arrow

     Words a bow.

I am...deep ocean

     Each grain of salt a brand new seed...

     A new idea

     Waiting to be planted and watered

I am...determination to get past the sting of salt in my battle wounds

     This shore will no longer be barren because that's not the way I see life

     I see future

I am future

I am...willing to support someone's future

I am...open arms

     A lending hand

I am charity

     Unconditional love

I am caged bird

I am free spirit, aching to set those burning thoughts loose

I am...forward thinking

     My posterity includes more than just my blood

     Our posterity includes more than just our blood

I am...all-encompassing

     Jack of all trades

     Master of none

     Skillful enough to prove myself

     But not enough to make a living...


I am...mourner for all things beautiful

     There is hardly a thing I can't call beautiful

     I mourn for every piece of life

     Both living and nonliving

     It is all alive

     The dull rocks are alive with beauty and adventure

     The grey skies are alive with fear and excitement and storm

     The artwork is alive in animation

     The artist is alive in memory

     And when they are gone, there will be a drought of inspiration

     Nothing new will bloom


I am ...writer

     Finding solace deep into the pages


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