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A heavy blackish or dark brown timber

I am ebony

Also known as a jewel

You would be considered a fool 

If you didn't see me as beautiful

Look in the dictionary and

You'd see this line, this line, and this line of my kind

Having their last words being displayed

Before that uncalled for bullet entered their brain

And I'm just saying

Because these are straight facts

Even though, these acts are becoming plain in AmeriKKKa 

I trust

Fuck that! 

All of the trust I had has became dust to me

Seeing my people being finally respected and given their credit,

Is my wanted destiny

Please turn to the page! 

You'll hear the boom baps, loud claps, friendly daps

Ebony is creativity

Ebony is strength 

Ebony is unity

Listen now as I tell you all about the people of my beautiful ebony community

Martin Luther King Jr.

Malcolm X

Nelson Mandela

Maya Angelou 


Huey P. Newton

Angela Davis

Sandra Bland

Trayvon Martin

Eric Garner

Mike Brown

And I know when we hear these impactful names we tend to frown

But, please don't be down

This is the revolution

And we are the revolution

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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