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Never thought so much can happen in one year.

Fights and tears.

Once you obtain happiness is just bring back fear.

Fear to talk.

Fear to share.

Fear to hold on to something so tight that not even there.

But don’t be fool.

Oh no, throughout this time I didn’t just fear.

Sure I cried, I fought, I get angry, I talked but I was aware.

Finally clearing the storms I had in my head.

Seeing what was blind from the before.

Lifting my hands, taking off a transparent mask I didn’t knew I had.

Looking around and finally see.

That everybody had a mask on, not just me.

A mask of guilt.

A mask of lies.

A mask of pain.

And all these mask do is just hide.

Hiding from your name.

Hiding from who you are inside.

Just to impress the girl who also has something to hide.

Or a boy who pretend to act bad and tough but we all know he just shy.

So tell me is it worth it?

Making a fool of yourself so you can be in

But wait and till the day, when you finally see.

Who you pretending to be is not who you want to be.

And those “ friends “ you finally work hard to achieve.

Will walk off like you wasn’t their in the beginning.

But don’t cried and just join me.

And realize that it great to be you.

Then what you pretend to be.

But be warn once you take off that mask, it’ll be great.

But be careful because there are some people who will take your independence away.

And slowly being yourself will fade.

If you need someone to love.




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