A Tinker

“Brandon, get over here right away! I’m standing here in front of a guest and I have no idea how to help them.” I shake my head slightly, smile and reply “Right away, sir” as I start maneuvering my way through the endless crowd. Lights flash in every direction. Everywhere I look I see them attempting to entice me as they have with countless people before me, but I stay my course. I can see him now as I approach my destination; one confused and dazed looking general manager. “Ah, this young man here will certainly get this game up and running in no time,” he says to the guest then turns to me and nods. I take my keys off my belt, open up the door and climb inside the game. Just a simple damaged wire. I replace it with one I have with me, and this game starts to entice and delight as the others.

            You see, I am a tinker. No I don’t know a Peter Pan nor am I a fairy. Instead, I help out an entertainment company and do minor repairs on the arcade games. I know how to fix almost any problem with any game in the building. How? By studying the games on my spare time. I sometimes steal the manual from the games and read up on how to fix any and all problems that might occur. Granted, we usually have technicians to fix these problems, but they usually have a hundred tasks to do and there’s only one of them. This is why I’m so highly desired and ranked in the games department.

            I guess I got this curiosity and desire for knowledge from the John Jay Science and Engineering Academy. My engineering teacher, who has pushed me towards greatness for the past three years, peaked my curiosity when we talked about electrical engineering and 3D modeling software. It intrigued me so much that decided to teach myself all about the program and its components. After learning this Inventor program from Autodesk, I redesigned the layout of my company’s arcade and taught myself how to fix each and every game.

 My goal and dream started that moment at the Science and Engineering Academy, for I hope to be a top electrical engineer once graduating college. I study and research as one already, and I devote my spare time to furthering my knowledge in this field. Essentially if you ask me, I’d say an electrical engineer is just a more knowledgeable tinker.

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