Dedicated to whoever you are today...

I feel free & out of control
h, I won't hesitate to admit, is quite comforting.
I feel like my life doesn't belong to me but something way out
of this realm.

I have so many countless muses.
I find myself wishing that I could somehow reincarnate into a cloud.
We have so much in common.
Alive with the sun, colossal, spinning & ever-changing ...
prone to completely vanishing or demanding the spotlight all together. 
Blur it out.
Opinions of the different forms I take ...
"What does that look like to you?"
The face of an angel, devil's horns, two women melting?
I am everything you could imagine yet remarkably
to who I might be tomorrow or in fifteen minutes or
after I pour my next glass of wine.
White Zinfandel
with frozen grapes that perpetually sink to the bottom
until you go & get them yourself...

Can't you just come & get me already?

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