This Is Who I AM

Thu, 08/13/2015 - 15:20 -- jg1990

 I am a woman, kind and polite.


I care for others and always try not to fight.


I love my God, my life, and my family.


I am blessed to have others who really love me.


I am independent, striving and strong.


Standing on top is where I belong.


I am careful and valiant.


I overcame so much to get to this moment.


I can be serious, yet fun to be around.


I can be loud or silent without any sound.


I do get angry, but I am very patient.


I have learned how to control my emotions like a secret agent.


I was bullied as a kid and constantly laughed at.


I became a person to help others to prevent that.


I am a woman who loves life with the downs and ups.


My main goal is to be Gods warrior to spread His worships.


This is who I am, summing up all of me.


I am a beautiful person and I enjoy being me.

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My family
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