All around me I see

people in agony.

Seeking for a cure;

transfixed by comfort's allure.

Medicine ever-changing

the sick's hope rearranging.

To be a part of this miraculous team,

that is my life-long dream.


The double helix of life,

causing so much strife.

One minute it saves,

the next it enslaves.

With power immense,

it's grounds for suspense.

I long to understand

life's tiny wonderland.


I see doctor's in action

and witness their compassion.

Soon it will be me

working to set the sick free.

I am motivated

by the cases most complicated.

Striving to make a difference,

I offer nothing but persistance. 


Some say science and religion don't mix

for this there needs to be a fix.

I believe the hands of God reach out

through those who really care about

The good nature of people

and the importance of a steeple.

Christ's life was given,

and that's what keeps me driven.

This poem is about: 



Inspiration is abundant in the people who give their lives to help others. I will continue to work hard to be able to help those who can't help themselves.

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