I Am... Celestial Darkness

As I lay in the darkness
My mind filled
With the pitch and silence
I think…
Why do I feel like this?
So comfortable
In isolation- as I am
In darkness
And I wonder…
Does the  d a r k n e s s
Cover the black  l i e s
That  t o r m e n t  my soul,
 S t a i n  my innocence?
The sun’s brilliant rays
Shine so bright- sometimes
I cannot see- find- myself.
But would I not see myself
Better in the darkness?
Do not all things celestial
Shine brighter in the night?
A star- it is alone
Even in the constellation
Far away from the others
A part but apart
I am the gleaming star
Shining and luminous
In this- my world of darkness
Where I truly belong
I’m not meant 
To be in the light
But to be the light
In the dark
To lead myself
To be alone
Distantly connected
I am darkness
Yet I am celestial
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