A Fragile Flower Indeed

I am delicate

Easy to bend
I am understanding
It is easy for me to comprehend
I am caring
A photographic genius
A psychologist in disguise
A cheetah with rambunctious hazel eyes
I am a flawed individual
A little bit spiritual
Not noticeable
Like a speck of dust
But here I am
Spick and span
Went from dust to glitter
I got no filter
I say what I mean and I mean what I say
I know Im going to make it some day
I am me and who are you to judge?
I am me and I like chocolate fudge
Pizza and sushi
Im a queen so please don't use me
I keep it real and I say how I feel
So lets make a deal like Wayne Brady
I may be crazy
But Im amazing
So I don't let the ish phase me
The ish
The selfishness
Don't want to be swimming with the fish
I got plans for my future
Im nowhere close to Martin Luther but 
I am me
Don't you see?
Progression is key
I got what you need
Now you learned your lesson
Its all about reading comprehension
So who am I?
I am me
A fragile flower indeed
But you cant break me
Read the fine print and you will find everything you need
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