Strait Outta This Moment

Everybody in the world would like to showcase their talents on the big stage,

Not knowing what they are getting themselves because they never turned the page,

Everybody would like their lives to start booming like dynamite,

But because of fear or lack of preparation is where they will get stuck in the same place tonight,

Wanting to get the Glory,

Getting championships like Robert Horry,

Young lifestyle and your in a rush,

Got the crush,

Got the trust,

But you got to blush,

Someday you can be luckier than a four leaf clover,

Before you realize that your 15 minutes of fame on the big stage is over,

Most definitely everybody got days where they got their head spinning like a basketball,

And no kidding, most of the time that leads to more people to fall after all,

Life is running so fast you fail to realize that your youth is almost done,

That you have a huge monkey on your back that feels like it weighs a ton,

Maybe its time to run,

Its time for that pun,

Put the hamburger inside the bun,

Guess who won,

Is there anyone?,

Just the sun?,

Everyday task,

Sometimes you need to ask,

You are looking across and all you see are opponents,

With all that you forget to enjoy the moment,

The life you have, you already own it,

Like that moment you would never quit,

The pain there came and go real quick,

The Brick Wall that is on you way,

It’s going to be ok,

You may not have all the questions answered,

All you can do is move on and become a dancer,

The so saucy it can be hot salsa or do the shoulder lean like a gangster,

Be moved by your surrounding that you share all the laughter,

So before you ride on the roller coaster of life,

Just Enjoy the moment because you are still alive,

Don’t make life boring,

Imagine yourself with Ralph Lauren,

Or even your world wide Touring,

Enjoy the moments when you don’t feel like a Zero,

Instead, your looking yourself at the mirror as your own superhero,

Enjoy the moment where you look back at the old school,

Remembering when you asking like a fool,

No need to take a bow,

Because you got the keys to the kingdom now


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