I am...

I am calm like the ocean's waves crashing upon the shore,

with sweet serenity I reflect grace from my inner core.

I am delicate as a flower that sprouts in the spring, 

yet strong as a boxer inside a boxing ring. 

I am shy like a deer that is spotted in a field,

at times I run or hide to create a sheild. 

I am ambitious like a dolphin that glides through the ocean,

Constantly searching for knowledge with full notion. 

I am small like a nickle that could be found on the ground,

yet I shine like a diamond in the rough waiting to be found.

I am a woman of color although many do not agree,

my genes are of mixed descent so many people will percieve

that I did not experience racism or maybe discrimination.

But they fail to realize we are all born in the same nation.

I am...... Kayla 


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