I am here

I am the sidewalk being walked on constantly, downgraded daily and rarely renewed.

I am the air that is polluted to darkness and when I cry out only few hear. 

I am the baby or child who is abused for crying in fear. 

A lake holding dark secret of the past. A sun seeing all hearing during the day. A moon covering the world in the darkness allowing people to hind in between the cracks waiting to pop out and destroy 

Who am I you might ask

I am the world who holds everyone dear. I try to protect all but sometimes fail. I am a world crying silently in pain because only few care to acknowledge  my name. I used to be bright and full of life now I am slowly dying and turning to black crust people do not recognize me as important but now that I have a few voices I will let everyone know.

I am here I will not be forgotten or disregard. For if you do you will be asking Where shall 

I go 

My home is gone and I am lost 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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