Who I Am

I'm the fat girl,

I'm the Geek,

I'm the one playing WoW and Guild Wars,

And the one caught quoting Princess brides;

"Yes, yes. You're very funny. Now shut up."

I'm able to quote Shakespeare;

"Lay on MacBeth and damn be he who first cries 'Hold, enough!''

And I don't consider Romeo and Juliet a romance.

I've acted and I've sang, I even tap dance in my youth.

I'm the one who knows how to play Magic: The Gathering and DnD,

Whose watched Stargate, Startrek and even Babylon Five.

I'm the one striving for the world's kitchen

Working my way into a culinary career.

I'm the girl who wants to own her own restaurant someday,

Who wants to feed people because it makes me happy.

I'm the one who won't give up on their dream,

Even when entering a male dominated field.

I'm the one who'll reach my goal, no matter the odds,

Simply because it makes me happy.

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