eye my me trees

i don't expect you to understand;

understand—you are not me. 

you are not six seven three

one one four fifty,

chipped finger nails and did you see

what i did to that tree?

did you see what i did?

did you?


no, you didn't, and

that's okay. 

i write me, not who you see,

or who i want to be,

or my future degree. 

education! i practice

self taxidermy; 

losing keys;

drinking tea;


i'm type b, infp, who, me?


see me but don't

see me; have some coffee. 

sit down, let's guarantee,

i'll see you if you see trees. 

six seven three one one four fifty. 

i drive by these numbers 

on the way to school, and

understand: it's that easy. 

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