Child of the night

Filled with love and hate, gentle and kind,
Cautious and weary, scared of the light.
Sleeps with one eye open, watching behind,
A soul made of darkness, in a child of the night.


Cold and dark, always being misunderstood,
Why can't they understand that darkness can be good?/
Loved by no one, always alone in a fight.
Heart surrounded in darkness, in a child of the night.

Loves and cares, always going to be there.
But do not ever betray me, or beware. 
Together in the night, with my friends I will fight,
A mind filled with darkness, in a child of the night.


Happy and calm, as soft as a song,
The time I will love is certaninly long.
Ready and prepared, about to take flight.
The wings of darkness, for a child of the night.


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