The Hands of a Man


Westminster High School
1225 Washington Rd Westminster, Md 21157
United States
40° 12' 26.838" N, 80° 11' 58.974" W

I am a dream

I am a vision

My hands make the steam

That push my decision


Being able to see

A new type of smart

The math it may be

But real skill is an art

To be able to sketch a tower

And build it too

Is greater than smart power

May be to you.


My toolbox consist

Of equations and wrenches

That which I insist

Is an advantage

For an engineer at least

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As an engineering student, I pity those who are only good at Math and science but are crippled by they're ability to apply it due to not being good with they're hands. I work labor jobs. I get stuff done. My skill makes me think differently than others because I factor in also being able cunstruct something when I design it.

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