Parts of Me

I am Katherine.

I am a writer,

A daughter,

A nerd.

I am addicted to stories in all of their forms

Drawn to celtic music

And laughter.

I am intelligent,



But her?

She is Katie.


I am Katie.

I am a wall,

A soldier.

I protect Katherine when she wants to stay hid

I surface when she needs a mask,

A protector.

I protected her for years

Until she began to surface year round.

I will always be there to cover her

For I am her shield.

But her?

She is Calypso.


I am Calypso.

I laugh until I cry alongside friends I met


And I love them, but when we part ways

I won't be sad to see them go.

I am known as the Apothecary,

The girl with the plants.

I am responsible,

And yet carefree.

My time is over the summers alone;

For the the rest I am but a passenger

Waiting for fires by the lake at


And to sing songs with 

No meaning.

But her?

She is Ciara.


I am Ciara.

Lover of winds,

Cherisher of earth,

And keeper of strength.

I gaze at the moon at night,

And she looks down

With a loving caress.

I am a wordsmith,

An artisan; I craft.

I tend and harvest the plants

And marvel at the beauty of the

Smallest leaf.

But we?

We are Kaiti.


I am Kaiti.

I am a writer, inspired

By tales that reach me from this way and that

I am strong, confident

In that I will do no harm, but never back down

I am free, graceful

In my wild spinning that is dancing in its truest sense

I am peaceful, in awe

Of the swirling colors of life that surround me when I need them most


I am me;

Composed of they,

And I, or we

Are utterly beautiful in every way.


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