I Am... Different

Thu, 08/27/2015 - 20:27 -- Typical

                                                                                I am… Different

Lasheema Kearney


I am...

The essence of the word we call different

What do you see when you look at me

Some might say a handsome young man

Others say an average person

Ask a close friend they will say

Lasheema defines the word different

He strives to be himself and never be what people view as today’s society

I am…

The essence of the word we call different

For I see myself as more than a statistic, number, a mere label

I see myself as a life changer, inventor, and an entrepreneur

I won’t settle for less I will strive to stay true to myself

I will surpass what people expect from me

Growing up in the city labeled Bull City

Some might not know I am from the original Fewgardens

Which would automatically lead people to think

Life for me was pre-determined

I said no I will not be one of these people I see everyday

On a street corner with a 40 ounce in a brown paper bag

Or one of these people that are labeled "Gangsters"

I will be different than what they expect

I am...

The essence of the word we call different

Statistics show boys without fathers

Nine times more likely drop out of school by the age of 16

Eight times more likely to go to prison

Five times more likely to commit suicided

Twenty times more likely to have behavioral problems

1/10 as likely to get A's in school

This is why if I was defined as a word the word would be Different

My whole life I have been fatherless

I am not a statistic to these numbers mentioned

I graduated from High school with honors

I have never had any conflict with the Law system

Suicide was never a thought that crossed my mind

Behavioral problems were quickly fixed

Throughout my 4 years in high school I have received 100+ A's on assignments

I am…

Lasheema Kearney and I am the essence of the Word we call Different


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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