Who I Am

To some I am colorfully confusing,

Difficult to understand,

Yet to many rather amusing,

I can wear many different shades,

I can wear green or blue,

Sometimes even yellow, pink, or grey,

Yet when it's all said and done,

I'm not nearly as complex,

As thought by some,

Rather I am black and white,

A clear crystal if you will,

That shines different colors when hit with light,

All the emotions come down to one thing,

Love and accept me,

And endless love to you I'll bring,

Show me compassion,

Care for me when I'm to blame,

And I'll be filled with such passion,

And I assure you,

The world will never be the same.


I believe in vulnerability,

In the strength of being weak,

I believe that in helping others,

You will unkowingly find what your heart seeks,

I believe in the power of faith,

And humility to know that you're not in control,

I believe also in a certain wraith,

The fear that tries to consume your soul,

I think that the smallest shall rise,

They will change everything,

And take the world by surprise,

I love authenticity,

In a world of entanglements,

I adore simplicity.


This is who I am,

This is part of my story,

I hope you've enjoyed it,

I hope it hasn't been boring.

If I could give you any advice,

It would be this,

Take ahold of every vice,

And turn it into a gift,

Know that dark times aren't forever,

And that time will inevitably run out,

Stay by those who will desert you never,

And remember what this life is all about.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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