So many great things, expected of me,

but what do i see, when i take a glance,

in the mirror you ask?

Hopeless potential, contradicting i know,

but as i go, through the journey of this life i aspire to lead,

i recognize all the "me's" i expect me to be.

Whether it be in my career or in my family at home, i feel alone,

and constantly afraid of the the unknown.

I would like have success, but what does that really mean?

Who knows but in the media is see success... I think.

They have the materials i'd like to obtain, a well-known name, of course the fame.

So that's success, well i guess.

But my reality is i'll Probably never be like those i see, but do i even wanna be?

Gotta recap, let's think.

Happiness, the real success, that's what i had to discover.

For me to get those degrees, marriage, become a mother to be, etc.

So what does it mean, for me to succeed? Don't know if i've got it all figured,

I honestly doubt it, but i know now that simplicity is what i seek.

For me to be the "me" that lives happily.

So will i ever be rich? Probably not, but who knows. Let's see how it goes,

but until then my expecations will be my own set goals instead of those expected of me on the outside looking in.

The end.

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This is my first time posting my poetry online. Honest feedback would be appreciated (:

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