I Am...

Who am I?

I'm not just some normal person to come by.

I am unique,

Just become I have diseases does not mean I am weak.


My story began long ago,

in a hospital room with a light than had a dim glow.

I was only in the 5th grade,

how was I suppose to know this stomache would not fade?


I remember the doctor telling my mom,

"Your daughter is very sick, but I need you to remain calm."

My mom began to cry,

because this doctor said that I could die.


I spent 3 months locked away,

not one night went by that I did not pray.

Throughout it all I was strong,

I came to accept that this disease will be lifelong.


You may wonder what this has to do with me,

but be patient and hear my plee.

My diseases have defined who I have become,

every lesson was learned and not brushed aside like a bread crumb.


Seven years later and I still am learning,

receiving news will forever leave me concerning.

Will it be me who gets Cancer?

this is one question that I don't want to know the answer.


I am who I am because of my past,

but my future has so many opportunities that are vast.

I will never let this hold me back,

no matter the opportunity I will always pick up the slack.


I am determined to like my life in full,

just set me free and I will be a wild bull.

I have a question for the Land of The Free,

do you think you can handle me?

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