A child is free of sin






Untouched of the poison spread throughout the world

A child does no harm

Mystified of the hatred that an individual carries within


 Many witness the innocence of a child

But for those sickening humans beings that don’t

What makes a child attractive?


You see, we live in a generation where we are told to yell “FIRE” instead of rape

Because maybe then, someone may hear our desperate call for help

Women are told that we are the ones to blame

Women are told to cover our skin to not provoke

But yet men are not showed to respect

The word “STOP” is not amplified

The word “NO” is amplified as “YES”

But yet the women is to blame.


Society mocks rape victims

Victims are asked what type of clothing was worn

If they were intoxicated

Instead of aggravating the sick individual who did such thing


But then again

Does a five year old child get asked what he or she wore?

How did a five year old in a pink footsie pajama provoke that man?

All she was asked is if she was intoxicated

Instead society told that five year old child to remain silent

Because no one would ever hear their cry for help


You see, that child use to be that white untouched glowing rose in the middle of millions of red roses

But that man took the glow from the white rose

The white rose became touched and will never glow the same

What many do not see is with ever touch that was told “NO” become poison for the white rose


We were told to be silent

We were told that our voices will never be heard

We were told we were the ones to blame

 I was told I would just be a victim


I handed over my power and control to that man

But now I have gained my control

I will not be the child in the pink footsie pajamas

I will not be known as a victim

A rape victim does not define who I am

That is just my story

Who mold me into the strong women I am today

I will fight for a different type of glow


I mean, I can never be untouched.



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