Unhealed, but Alive

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 00:43 -- EMReyes
I have dedicated my life to what is humble,
I have slept in bunk beds that are as small as wallets,
I nourish on foods that are ever so simple,
Such as ants on a log and pigs on a blanket,

But, the thing that sticks out as the sorest thumb,
Is the ignorance and rudeness of these hypocrites,
They're like the ants that bite me for fun as I become numb,
In which I lose my hope, which flickers like dying lights,

They get quite passionate over one subject, 
Yet, they cross their word as they do another,
Just like when partners abandon you in a project,
You feel uncared for as you face a black smother,

I am willing to admit to my mistakes,
But, I detest to contend with such bitterness,
I silently scream as my spirit slowly breaks,
Leading me to be buried by the darkness,

I try to be as generous as I can be,
But, I head voices that rattle me with such effort,
Inside, I feel a monster devouring me,
Where it defeats me without the honor from a sport,

But, the day I caught a sight of your beauty,
It was as if sunlight shone through panes of stained glass,
Just like a pirate discovering a chest of booty,
Your contagious smile was something I couldn't pass,

I didn't think you would soend any time with me,
But, you stayed close to me when you see me walking by,
You have managed to show me what I was too blind to see,
In which I can see right through every single lie,

You make me laugh when your eyes streak of your elegance,
Your words are all I want to listen to in any day,
You make me feel as if I am held in providence,
Where my depression slowly, but slowly fades away,

I wish to give you everything I own,
Because I can never repay you enough,
You have revived me before I deeply fallen down,
Now I stand back up on my feet as I face what is tough,

But the day you informed me of your departure,
I felt as if my heart has been stomped once again,
However, I felt as if I am cleared of all troubles,
Where I feel ressurected rather than torn apart,

Forever you inspire me to be better,
Where I rise to the occassion as I live and learn,
You are the wind blowing within me as I face pressure,
And now, I have opened my eyes and made quite the turn,

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