Anatomical Spirit

Wed, 08/19/2015 - 21:29 -- m.n.i.w

I am a descendant of kings and queens of royalty.
Negus by inalterable definition.
The specimen of glorious beauty with well-melanin toned skin.
The birth of humankind.
The land that sparked the evolution of a new race.
Once unified like atomic bonds.
Upon separation an explosion of chaos prospered.
Yet that explosion was used to fuel the desire to manifest something greater within.
An ancestry bound by inhumanity and greedy human ambition.
The crow that envied the vulture.
Pecking at the living as if they were live carcasses.
No scarecrow written within the confines of legislative print.
The complications that life handed down like hand-me-downs.
Forcing me to wear the burden of injustice like a thin layered sweater.
The breeze and cold chills of deception always find a way to penetrate the fabric.

My heart thrives with the same beat and the same melody of blues.
My roots are to the strongest of degrees.
That's the reason why I've stemmed from the concrete that has barricaded my prosperity for a while now.
My existence sprouted like a black rose.
Beautiful to the sight, but vigorously rigged upon contact.
I wear my coat of thorns as a sense of protection from all the vultures that relish to eat away at my prided flesh.
In addition, I have the guardian angels that guard my soul like a militia.
So I never lose my sensibility of self as the world tries to defer my conception.

I was unleashed from the womb an angel following the delayed menstruation nine months prior when met with a male spirit of divinity.
Both of them dressed in the flesh of mortal human beings.
My angelic grace handed down through genetic material like faith by the hand of God.
I feel it running through my veins like anesthesia.
Numbing my soul from the outside torment and bringing me to a sacred place undefined by the conscious reality.
I am young and ambitiously trying to soar like the winged ones that granted me life.
The life who has made me and molded me like warm clay.
The struggles and inhibitions chip away at my figure.
But the blessings instill me with that irrefutable illuminous glow.
The many that have been bestowed upon me keep me enlightened like the morning sunrise on the first day of summer.

If you want to know who I am, just look at the sunlight that peeks from beyond the clouds.
Or look upon the rainbow that forms when the stormy weather has ceased.
Or when you're feeling the blues, just let the smooth diction and scintillating melody of jazz flow into your heart, mind, and soul.
Or smell the sweet scent of the lilacs and peonies blooming in the wind.
I am the spirit of natural beauty disguised in the form of man living among humankind.

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My family
Our world


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