I’ve always seen the world

In colors bright in hue

In every page unfurled

Were yellow, black, and blue


Every name I know

Is a brand new work of art

The letters and the rainbow

Are never far apart


R is scarlet blaze

And passion in the heart

Defenses, rose, and briar

Are the way R plays its part


A is cardinal too

A darker shade of wine

Where everything outgrown

Makes its home in time


C sings out canary bright

And teaches me to laugh

Morality and wrong from right

Were learned on C’s behalf


H is baby blue

The words that I’ve defined

It’s everything I know

And the truths within my mind


E is orange apricot

Like my cousin’s carrot curls

E is for my family

And the strength they taught to girls


L is pale as sugar

And blank as newborn life

It's the color of my future

And prepared for any strife


My name is simply R A C H E L

But it’s really so much more

It’s the sum of all I am

It’s the colors at my core

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