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I am beautiful,
I am strong.
I am perfection,
I am never wrong.

I am a true survivor,
Never die.
I am a champion,
I always try.

I say the truth,
I never lie.
I am like a branch,
With a rich vine

I am natural,
as the flow of a stream.
I am a synonym,
To one in a dream.

I am a blessing,
I am not a curse.
I am a leader,
I am a boss.

I am a god,
demons bow.
I am royalty,
I sometimes question how.

I am a woman of honor,
I bring no shame.
I speak to nations,
Definition of great fame.

I am a conqueror,
I never lose.
I am awesome,
I am everyone's muse.

I am black,
I am not disadvantaged.
I pursue my goals,

positively raged!

I am African,
I am from the roots.

I am not the thief,
That took away the loots.

#I Am... Scholarship Slam


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