Hungry Me

I am like a carrot, crunchy at first bite,

But if you chew through the hard parts, I'll make you feel alright.

I am like an onion, layered to the core,

The center revealing what I'm fighting for.

I am like a walnut, very hard to crack,

But once you get through the hard shell,

I'll make you shriek and laugh.

I am like popcorn, delicious to buy,

But if you don't bring a drink,

You might just find me dry.

I am like jello, shaking at mere touch,

The thought of being stern and firm,

Makes me want to rush.

I am like licorice, twisted very tight,

Struggling to choose, myself,

Between what's wrong and right.

All of this describes me,

Makes me who I am.

Teaches me about myself

And you for whom I stand

So I leave you with these last words

Which truly define me:

I always follow rules,

For they make me more free.

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