Just A Young Girl

They say I'm a girl with dreams and desire,

A face full of hope with drive to aspire-

The beliefs, the dreams, to want to compete

In a life of turmoil will I accept defeat?

I know that I'm young and not nearly as wise,

As my elders, my forefathers but will this suffice

My hunger to compete and my passion to aspire

In a world of hope, fueled with fire.

I may be young but I mustn't give up

For my dreams and hopes aren't nearly enough.

I must make a difference and strive to make peace,

Among those who hate us and strike at our knees.

I know that this poem must help expound me,

But how can I expound without giving a key.

A key to my heart thats what I will do,

To make a stance, to make this world new.

I am a young girl with dreams and desire,

But I hope that this poem will help you, too, aspire.

This poem is about: 
My country


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