I hide from the world,

Something not uncommon to see.

But when you peel back the layers,

You find what is really me.


I am fire, I am light.

I have flame inside my soul.

While it is shaded quiet often,

When revealed, I glow.


The fire was kindled,

All throughout my life,

So that it would burn bright now,

Without all the strife.


At times, it almost burned out,

Suffocated by my own hand.

But it came back stronger than before,

And now I understand.


To have a more intense flame,

To become who I am today,

I had to go through all my troubles,

And if it had not happened, I can't say.


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I really liked this poem. I guess it's cause I can relate to it. It's like what I was feeling, you wrote it one paper and it's written beautifully. You did a great job.

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