I Am Me

Thu, 08/13/2015 - 21:10 -- Aaron25

I am the one in the corner reading a book, the scrawny nerd

But the vocabulary it gave me the abiliity to write this spoken word

A bright thinker in this dark world,

I am

A young black man who's goal is college not a contract

And no I'm not screaming nigga, the system's true nightmare

The stress of worrying for my own life is what I wear,

I am

Just a kid who still isn't ready to venture into the jungle

but the time is coming to rumble. If I'm not already it will surely make me humble, I am

A true believer of the one and only messiah despite all

who have hate for him I just pray for them,

I am

A complex individual who has yet to be truly tested

Yet somehow they're still impressed even though it's not yet my time

but my talent is too great to not shine

That's who I am

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