To the Girl, I Am You

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Laura Elizabeth Strickland


To The Girl, I Am You

To the girl who smiles and says she's fine,

To the girl who cries herself to sleep, then covers it up with make up. To the girl who forgives everyone, no matter the crime, To the girl who wants everyone to be happy, so she'll back up.  To the girl who is isolated in the jungle.To the girl that holds out a hand, that no one really grabs.To the girl who screams in her head but in life just mumbles, To the girl who lays her head on the marble slab.  To the girl who thinks she's a whisper in the wind. To the girl who thinks she can't go on, To the girl who thinks this, you are wrong. To the girl who thinks this, things will mend. To the girl who this embodies, I am you. To the girls who read this, it will get better. 

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