The Seven "I Ams" of a Young Black Man

I am a child in a grown man’s world, yet I am a king/

I am the light in the midst of darkness/

I am a brilliant mind among ignorance/

You may ask, “Why then are you not in the public schools?”/

My answer is that maybe I don’t want to learn how to be a tool/

I have been homeschooled because your school system is flawed/

Thinking you can teach twenty students in a one-size-fits-all/

And if our youth’s minds are more advanced than yours/

Why give us a science textbook dated “1984”?/

Are you trying to hide the fact that you really want us held back?/

You have been caught red-handed trying to suppress the masses/

Targeting black children with hoods?/

That’s just cold-blooded/

I am the product of a long line of black royalty/

Yet some may see me as just another Trayvon/

Will you shoot me with your little pop gun?/

Leaving me to rot under the hot sun?/

Then go to court to prosecute my case/

While the defense is eating ice cream and has a smile on his face?/

No… I am a part of a new generation who is not afraid of opposing forces/

Though everyone opposes me/

I am a force that you cannot tame/

For, to tame me, means you will maim my brain/

Until it is a docile thing, and that will destroy its process/

So instead of adding stress upon stress, like a car dump press, leave me be!/

I want to be free!/

Not a slave to the government, the president, or white supremacy/

I am a god

- HC

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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