We Fall to Rise Again

I am a feather

Falling from Icarus' wilted wings

Falling from grace

Drunk with the fading impression

Of blinding light


I am earth bound

Rock-deep in Gaia's unwelcome embrace

The sky distorted and strange

With memories of the view from above


My dreams are haunted by bird bones

By failed last attempts

By the Suns goodbye


(Sometimes the dreams are golden and bright

Sometimes I swallow the sky whole with a smile


Sometimes I fly)


Icarus' true folly

Was loving only unforgiving fire


With patience and time

I will build my own wax wings

Take off into the cool night sky


Breathe to the galaxies

Brush soft-eyed stars with scarred fingertips

From days spent dancing in flames

To remind myself of home


Velvet black will be my fall

And I will fall with grace

Limitless and infinite

I will exist in that moment a million times

I will become my own universe, my own wings


I will fly

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