I am love

I am a flower in a desert.

I am beautiful,

But I am also a girl who 

Was told she was pretty a little

Too often.

I am a girl who

Understood divorce 

Before she knew what love was. 


I am a torn yellow dress.


I am a cardinal in the snow.

The world is cold

Enough money I have not and


Flight seems impossible

Yet I am not one to let that stop me


I am a hummingbird in a rainstorm.


I am coffee in the morning.


But always reliable.

I am a hot shower

Scalding, but always a comfort.

I am a phoenix 

I am a girl on fire.


I am an old soul.

I am a collection of time periods




I am a dreamer, 

But I am a nightmare.

I love, 

But I won't stop fighting either.

I am passion,

I am rebellion,

And I am the screams of the children 

Given a disservice. 


I am truth.

I lie,

But only because I always love too much.

And I will always die

Before I let another hurt more than I do,

Because I am love.


I am a walking contradiction.

Yet I thank you

Because it is rare

For someone to actually ask

What I am.

I am more than one word.

I am art.

I am life and death.

I am anger and lust but-

I am still love.

I am still love.


I am still love.


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