I am, I Will

I am…

I am..

I am.

I’m drawing blanks on being less than what meets the standards

I am afraid high school nearing it’s end

I am not what I thought I turned out to be

I am a reader

I am a lover of school

I am actually trying poetry

I am a lover of well written words that hits the ear the right way

I am someone with barely enough self confidence

I am someone that sees the patterns of the way my life might go if I keep on trying to live it my way

I am a graduating class of mentally retardation

I am the person to say whatever he wants and can weasel his way out of it by using big words that I don't understand

I am the guy people can expect so much out of even though I don't know what I'm doing because I just sound smart and I get very lucky

I am so use to having people hear my rants and complaints on things and have them say that they’ve been through it, too

I am tired of hearing how someone else went through it besides giving me the solution to my unsolved issues and problems that have been unleashed upon me

I am not a cool kid

I am afraid of death but not dying

I am probably more than I give myself credit for

I am not of this new age of ordinary

I am not one to fall into the bandwagon of popularity

Though I am an appreciator when something popular is also good

I am confused

I am done with confusion on things I need and want to understand

I am getting tired of saying "I am"

But I am not want to give up on what I have started

But I am also going to start doing new things in the couple of years

Because I'm not going to be the same person that I am now


So I will start finding answers for my many questions

I will become what I eat

I will stop being so scared of what people will think or say

I will do what's best for me

I will keep my head held high and not fall for what's easy or popular

I will demand from my voice to be heard and held high above my mistakes

I will fight for what I know is right

I will learn how to show off like things are easy because they might be

I will get to be much more than I say I am now

I will stop playing when I know something is wrong

I will stop whining when something doesn't go my way

And I will take action because action speaks louder than words even when my words are my actions


I will not fail on my journey to this new road of the denturist wonder

But I know that I will make some mistakes

But no matter what, I will never forget one thing

I... Am... Me

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My community


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