Broken Mind

The cuts she wears

Hidden every day

Were born through her tears

As she pushed everyone away

“I’m fine” she said

“Just let me be”

Trapped in her head

It was all she could see


The thoughts she has

She dare not share

So she grabs the broken glass

And retreats to her mental lair


Few enter here

Few have seen

The insanity she hides

That’s bottled up inside

She’s tried to fight it

It’s been building so long

It sparks, like flint

As she tries to be strong


It tempts her now

To become free again

To break her vow

Release the feelings within


Finally she gives in

Reaches for the blade

Presses it to her skin

And then, at last she drags

At first, it’s light and controlled

A penetration in her layer of cold

Then all too quickly her anger grows

And all too soon there’s many red rows


Each one she crafts

Against others’ pleas

But its her own path

And here she’s at ease


Finally she decides

Enough for the night

Looks at the wounds

Puts down her knife


At this point she’s torn

Should she confess or not?

She fears their concern, reborn

For they’ll see her, distraught

But more than that she fears their help

They’re afraid she can’t control herself



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