How to be a Girl

I must have missed the class that tells you how to be a girl

I'm talking about the class that tells you

When to start putting on makeup and how to do your hair

To go to the bathroom in packs and criticize the girl you see in the mirror

(Why do they do that?)

How to talk about boys and how to talk to boys


And the point of dating in high school

(Like it's going to last)

[That was sarcasm]

I am a girl who likes girly things like chick-flicks, nail polish, and shopping

But I don't need you to accompany me to the bathroom

(So we can fish for compliments)

And I don't care to put on make-up or risk blindness by eye-lash curling

(Seriously, it looks dangerous)

I don't need a temporary relationship to make me feel good

(I am fine on my own)

I like to hang with my girls, but sometimes I am utterly confused

I don't know why girls do the things they do

I'd rather talk about school or read a sci-fi book

I prefer to brush my hair and put on chapstick

And I don't care to have a boyfriend at this moment in time

(I'm not judging, I'm just saying)

I think I am a failure at being a teenage girl

But that's okay, because I think I am a success

At just being me

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My community


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