I wasn’t happy so I imitated the person I wanted to be.

I smiled like a jubilant child.

I kept my arms covered like a cold girl during the summer.

I wore a mask like a girl celebrating Mardi Gras.

I walked courageously through the halls.

I had a smile so big no-one could see the tears I’d just cried.

I was the girl that everyone would come to if they needed a laugh.

Some would say I had a laugh that could brighten someone’s day.

I would say laughter is the loudest cry.

Some would say I had a smile that could light up a room.

I was hoping someone would see through my smile.

Hoping someone could see me.


Not the pretty clothes I wore, the jewelry I wore, or that authentic smile I carried.

But the constant battle I was having as I smiled like that jubilant child.

Not the mask I wore, but me…


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