Who are you?

Who am I? You ask

I could be a strong, independent women who has their life together.

Or I could be just the opposite.

I could be a weak, dependent women needing help at every turn.

Some people know their strengthens and weaknesses.

Which they believe helps form them.

Iam beginning to find out who i am piece by piece. People say lifes an adventure- but i never hear anyone talk about how trying to figure yourself out is like a 6,000 piece puzzle. Im beginning to figure out my puzzle piece by piece.


So you ask who am I? A few pieces of my puzzle I have figured out...

1. I can be quiet like a mouse, yet my presence is bold.

2. When I want to speak I speak my mind, no matter the consequences.

3. I find makeup like a mask, why wear it to try and change or cover up who you are. Be yourself!

4. Honesty is the best policy. But if honesty will hurt someone, sometimes a honest lie is needed.

5. I tend to be too nice, and yet always see the pessimistic side of things.

6. I tend to kling to people and rely on them more than I should.

7. Im finally beginning to branch out and try new things. Im changing and doing things i would never invision myself doing- in a good way.

8. No matter how much I try there will always be someone better than me. I have began to accept it.

9. I always want people to like me. I change just to try and relate to expand my social circle.

10. Im figuring out more of the puzzle each day. And yet my puzzle is far from completion. Sometimes I figure out a piece and place it with another and then next day they dont fit anymore.


Im learning that I am someone that is willing to change, in order to better myself for the future.

I can be the strong independent women. I can be the weak dependent women.

I can be bold and daring.

I can be shy and timid.

I can be myself because at the end of the day there is no one else on the planet like me.




i am TAYLOR!

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