Constant Conflict

It's making me, it's breaking me
It gives to me, and then it take, take, takes
Comforts me and startles me
Gets me going, then it brake, brake, brakes
Can you see through the window, through that window?
To the other side?
Even the most square-shot truths
Can be made into such underhanded lies
Getting so tired of hanging on
To all the things I can't shake, shake, shake
Good conditioned body with a very sick mind
When will the dam break, break, break?
Feel so tame, was meant to be wild
A heretic and a saint's conflicted love child
I'm so virtuous, but I'm so vile
I'm divine, I'm in denial
Constant conflict
What's the verdict?
Constant conflict
What's your verdict?

This poem is about: 
Our world



Submitting for a scholarship opportunity.
I wrote this poem a few years ago when I was having an extremely hard time with mental health issues.
This is the first time it has ever been made public.
It's one of my favorites in my own personal poetry catalog.

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